Saturday, March 28, 2015

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911 Food and Water & The Compassion Principle
Who and What are We?

Compassonate Principle Information Request

The Compassion Principle is an associated group of individuals and businesses that are unifying with a common vision. These groups are not associated because of race, religion or business similarities. They are connected by one common theme, to sustain themselves in the event of an emergency. Those who are part of The Compassion Principle are very aware of the need for preparedness rising from the global man-made and natural catastrophes occurring on a more frequent basis. The United States and the world are heading into a “perfect storm”.  This storm is made up of six elements: Economics, Politics, Religion, War, Geophysical, and Civil Unrest. All of these elements are under constant and tremendous pressure unlike any other time in man’s history.  If any of these elements break, it could bring the entire economy of the United States down.  Even the news media, governmental agencies and numerous documentaries are discussing the likeliness of the “perfect storm.”

Those associated with the Compassion Principle are preparing for those potential bad times.  They are making plans now, for the preparation of the imminent times possibly approaching us. They are not only making plans on an individual basis but are preparing to help those within their sphere of influence.  Many of those associated with the Compassion Principle are convinced the potential catastrophe coming to the United States will be as severe as the Great Depression with the need for soup lines again.  The individuals and businesses will be a refuge to their given sphere of influence.

The Compassion Principle is a food storage and distribution system. This system dates back to ancient times when man learned when there was plenty to save for future hard times.  This principle allows you to begin an emergency situation with everything in place providing peace of mind rather than panic and angst.  In addition, price gouging is always a real threat as we have witnessed at gas pumps during natural disasters. Food shortages cause sky rocketing food prices. Imagine not having enough food and water on hand when disaster strikes.  We have seen what happens when governmental agencies are relied upon to care for us.  Preparation gives us the independence and security to know we are going to be able to survive.

Here’s how it works:
slide1Click the “The Food Tab”. At this tab, you will see emergency food choices that consist of 200 nutritional servings per bucket with a 25 year shelf life.  For every dollar you spend preparing your family or sphere of influence for an emergency, 911 Food and Water will allocate 20% of every purchase as a line of credit to your Compassion Center. For example, you purchase 5 buckets of emergency food.  That purchase will put 20% of your purchase of food into your Compassion Center’s designated storehouse. Once your Compassion Center is stocked completely, as based on your needs, the focus will shift to a clean water source. 911 Food and Water have the capability to assure you useable, healthy water when your existing community water source is contaminated or disrupted.  This will serve as a place for people to come for a much needed healthy, clean water source. Once all of your food and water needs are met additional proceeds will be utilized to address community outreach projects.