Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Joseph Principle

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Over the years we’ve had numerous discussions with many spiritual leaders and well educated people who say, “Why worry, God will take care of all of our needs.” Through no fault of their own many people have fallen into a false sense of security believing God will take care of all of our needs. Our answer to that is, “Why did God us Joseph to prepare God’s chosen people during the seven years of famine?” 

After reading Genesis chapters 41 – 48 we learn the Israelites relied on the store houses in order to keep from storeroomstarving.  So the argument that God will take care of his people supernaturally falls apart with this accounting of the story of Joseph.  God will take care of you and your family just as he did with the Israelites.   This is why we live by the Joseph Principle and practice food storage and use a distribution system based on the life of Joseph that is referred to in Genesis.   

The Joseph Principle is very simple and applies to the world in which we live today.  The goal is to set up as many churches as storehouses as possible.  This is done by expanding the food bank, pantries, and community kitchens that already exist in most churches. However, most existing programs are for short term emergencies to assist after natural disasters in their community.

As we are witnessing, our natural disasters are becoming more frequent and more intense leaving many families devastated. Our fear is that most churches are not prepared for longer term emergencies.  The Joseph Principle is to help families be prepared and to provide a sense of comfort during the most troubling of times.  Those associated with the Joseph Principle are preparing for those potential bad times.  They are making plans now, for the preparation of the imminent times possibly approaching us. They are not only making plans on an individual basis but are preparing to help those within their sphere of influence.  Many of those associated with the Joseph Principle are convinced that a catastrophe could potentialy strike the United States and would be as severe as the Great Depression with the need for soup lines again or even worse.  The churches will be prepared to be a refuge for those in need. The United States and the world are heading into a “perfect storm”.  This storm is made up of six elements: Economics, Politics, Religion, War, Geophysical, and Ethnic Unrest. All of these elements are under constant and tremendous pressure unlike any other time in man’s history.  If any of these elements break, it could bring the entire economy of the United States down.  Even the news media and governmental agencies are discussing the likeliness of the “perfect storm.”

WHAT: The Joseph Principle is a food storage and distribution system. This system dates back to ancient times when man learned in times of plenty to save for future hard times.  This principle allows you to begin an emergency with everything in place providing peace of mind rather than panic and angst.  In addition, price gouging is always a real threat as we have witnessed at gas pumps during natural disasters. Food shortages cause sky rocketing food prices. Imagine not having enough food and water on hand when disaster strikes.  We have seen what happens when governmental agencies are relied upon to care for us. This preparation gives us the independence and security to know we are going to be able to survive.

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